Informed Home Buyers

Property Information:
Looking Ahead to the Home-Finding Process

The following questions will help identify how finding and buying a home can be an enjoyable experience for you.

What is your time frame?

It can take 15–90 days to complete all the steps involved in a home sale, depending on the complexity of the transaction. We work closely with everyone involved in the transaction to help ensure that it moves ahead as smoothly as possible.

Who will be included in the home-finding and buying decisions?

Be certain that anyone who is critical to your decision making is readily available as some properties can be snapped up by other buyers before you may be able to have a second look.

Thinking of previous home-finding experiences, or ones that friends and relatives may have told you about:


The future of Real Estate:
Now Your Online Connection 24/7

Millions of Canadians are logging on and looking for homes online. This gives families an opportunity to preview homes in their estimated price range without obligation. In our real estate market today, buyers have thousands of properties to choose from and the Internet helps narrow down the list, allowing agents to refine the homes their buyers are shown.

Our program, The Portal, will manually and automatically send you those properties that most suit the criteria of your personal property search. You can access The Portal with your favourite web browser, where you will be able to view the MLS® listing information we have prepared for you in several different formats.
For your convenience, you’ll be able to sort these listings, rate them and categorize them. You’ll be able to see all associated photographs as well as see them pinned on a map, a high-level aerial photograph or a low-level "bird's eye" photograph.

We use many other different online avenues when searching for your home including:


Your Single Source for Property Information

We have access to virtually every property for sale in the market regardless of whether or not it is being offered by a DFH Real Estate sales professional and we will show you homes that best match your requirements, including: